What to do with cabbage!?

Hi Guys!

Hope all is well in this cold wintery Auckland weather!  Just a wee blog post on this exciting vegetable I've posted about - CABBAGE!

Bite magazine did a great article for us on what to do with cabbage a few weeks ago, and I was super happy the journalist approached us and asked for some information on our mini cabbages in Countdown's and Fruit World's alike.

Super happy because well...just because I am a grower's daughter doesn't mean I know how to cook every vegetable under the sun! I do not know what to do with cabbage...first world problems much!? 

If you're like me, I usually go to the supermarket, I see big ole cabbage face sitting there, and I put it in the too hard basket. I usually associate cabbage with A. Gas B. they serve it as a complimentary starter at Japanese restaurants C. Cabbage soup... yuck...

Basically I needed some inspiration, the Bite journalist answered my prayers of course.  She did a fantastic job of inspiring me.

So I made sauerkraut...of all things...I loaded up a bucket, a CLEAN bucket, and I chopped up at least two massive cabbages of ours and dumped them in the bucket along with a lot of salt and love. I massaged it till the cabbage didn't feel like rubber anymore, and I left it in a dank cupboard for weeks. WEEKS I TELL YOU. And I wished for amazing natural delicious tasting probiotics.

I ended up with THREE jars of the stuff plus a whole heap left in the bucket to keep adding to, and I realised I only need to eat 1 Tbsp every few days, not 1/2 cup with lunch and dinner.  Enough on the toilet talk...ahem.

Ole faithful cabbage has awoken my desires to create more! More I tell you! 

If anyone has great recipes they want to share with me, I'm open to it, also any options on the kimchi, sauerkraut making?

Happy cabbage dreams everyone. 



Source: http://www.bite.co.nz/hot-topics/in-season...

The Next Generation - Matthew Fong

What is your job within the FG team?

Packhouse Supervisor

What would you like to see in the future of farming?

More technology used on farms, i.e. an ordering app to order your vegetables

What is your favourite FG vegetable?

Mini Crunchita - because its crunchy and sweet

If you could invent a vegetable what would it be?

One that has no chemicals and has no fat.