What to do with cabbage!?

Hi Guys!

Hope all is well in this cold wintery Auckland weather!  Just a wee blog post on this exciting vegetable I've posted about - CABBAGE!

Bite magazine did a great article for us on what to do with cabbage a few weeks ago, and I was super happy the journalist approached us and asked for some information on our mini cabbages in Countdown's and Fruit World's alike.

Super happy because well...just because I am a grower's daughter doesn't mean I know how to cook every vegetable under the sun! I do not know what to do with cabbage...first world problems much!? 

If you're like me, I usually go to the supermarket, I see big ole cabbage face sitting there, and I put it in the too hard basket. I usually associate cabbage with A. Gas B. they serve it as a complimentary starter at Japanese restaurants C. Cabbage soup... yuck...

Basically I needed some inspiration, the Bite journalist answered my prayers of course.  She did a fantastic job of inspiring me.

So I made sauerkraut...of all things...I loaded up a bucket, a CLEAN bucket, and I chopped up at least two massive cabbages of ours and dumped them in the bucket along with a lot of salt and love. I massaged it till the cabbage didn't feel like rubber anymore, and I left it in a dank cupboard for weeks. WEEKS I TELL YOU. And I wished for amazing natural delicious tasting probiotics.

I ended up with THREE jars of the stuff plus a whole heap left in the bucket to keep adding to, and I realised I only need to eat 1 Tbsp every few days, not 1/2 cup with lunch and dinner.  Enough on the toilet talk...ahem.

Ole faithful cabbage has awoken my desires to create more! More I tell you! 

If anyone has great recipes they want to share with me, I'm open to it, also any options on the kimchi, sauerkraut making?

Happy cabbage dreams everyone. 



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