Frequently Asked Questions


Is the produce washed before it goes into the bag?

Depends on the product – some things are washed e.g Baby cos lettuce, Mini crunchita, Shanghai bok choy and Baby white pak choy to name a few.

As the leaves are not separated, it is not possible to do a thorough wash, so it’s important customers always wash product before use.    We avoid washing the spinach as the additional handling can bruise the leaves and also the added moisture can reduce the shelf life

Am I able to buy the Baby Cos Seeds from you?

No unfortunately.

Are you organic?


Where do you supply to?  

Mainly wholesalers, and markets who sell to independent stores. You can see a list of our suppliers HERE

The produce is damaged, why does this happen?

We grow outdoors so the growing environment is impacted by the changing weather conditions e.g. Climate Change

  • excess rain, and humidity creates ideal conditions for disease which affects the quality of the product.

  • excess high temperatures can put stress on the product causing it to go to seed – this can affect the texture of the baby cos or the stems will start to flower

  • excess rain can leave dew on the spinach and coriander leaves which can cause it to break down unlike the spinach harvested in summer which is dry and can last a few weeks.

  • Excess heat can cause the coriander to have yellow tinges on the leaves