Miss Auckland contestant - Nikita Horan


This year The Fresh Grower decided to sponsor Nikita Horan, a Miss Auckland contestant! We interviewed Nikita to see what her hopes and dreams are for the future.

Why did you want to enter Miss Auckland?

For me personally, I have never done anything like this before. I entered Miss Auckland primarily to push myself outside of my comfort zone which usually consists of sport. I also wanted to get more engaged with the Auckland community and make a difference, which Miss Auckland was the perfect opportunity to do this! 

Why did you choose Youthline as your charity?

Youthline NZ was the chosen charity for Miss Auckland this year. I can truthfully say that I was so happy when I heard the news. I already knew a bit about Youthline but I have definitely learnt a lot more about them within in the last couple of weeks. They are such a deserving charity and have such a strong support system that needs more recognition in New Zealand. Not only do they need our support but they deserve it as well. Their incredible efforts certainly do not go unnoticed. Fundraising is a big part of the Miss Auckland section called "Beauty with a Purpose". Although fundraising is the priority intention for us girls, raising awareness around the charity is just as important.

What does Miss Auckland offer to you as a young woman in today's society?

Most people wouldn't recognise the great amount of benefits there are when getting involved in Miss Auckland. As well as all those already mentioned, Miss Auckland provides a platform for us young girls to work alongside charities and receive so many great experiences. To add to this, I can already feel my confidence in myself increasing- all the girls are so lovely and we all support each other, we have all gained each other as friends that will last for a long time. We learn skills such as how to approach businesses and interviews, how to handle social media as well as the catwalk and choreography for the final night which is always fun!

What would you like to achieve going forward in life?

I am currently in my last year of secondary school so I am looking forward to moving onto university next year. I intend to study a bachelors in communication design as design is a subject I enjoy most at school. After I complete this, I aspire to travel the world with my qualification and showcase it within a variety of different cultures. Travelling the world has to be my biggest ambition as it is something I have always wanted to do. I would love to get out into the world and experience the different cultures and religions that we have to offer.

Who are your biggest mentors or people you aspire to?

I am lucky to be surrounded by many inspiring people. With regards to Miss Auckland, I can honestly say that my mentor Hannah is one of the most hardworking and beautiful women that I know, even though I haven't even known her for long! She not only runs her own business along side her talented husband, but she also makes the time on top of this to be a brand ambassador for multiple companies as well as overall run the Miss Auckland competition. She has done everything I aspire to do including travel to many countries and she still manages to stay so down to earth through all of it. She has a kind heart and is always willing to help even when she has so much on her plate. She is strong and confident and a true role model to look up to, and I hope that one day I can be thought of the way I think of her.

And lastly, what is your favourite Fresh Grower vegetable, and how do you like to cook with it?

Hard to choose, but I would have to say my go to choice would be the "Sweet Petite Cos". There is no doubt about this baby cos lettuce as it always is so fresh out of the bag! Although simple, I love to make green and Caesar salads. By adding some of my other favourite veggies and a bit of dressing to this lettuce it creates a fresh, healthy and delicious meal that I can eat for lunch or dinner!

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